Slapin, Scott (b.1974)
  Elegie-Caprice for Margi Ramsey's Memorial Concert
 Ref: x--1001
Scott Slapin writes:
"I wrote the Elegy-Caprice along with four other pieces for my mother's memorial concert in 2008.  She died in August of that year after a long battle with cancer, and the memorial concert took place on a cold day in November.  The Elegy-Caprice is the only unaccompanied piece of the five and covers a wide range in a short amount of time.  It is a caprice in that the A-B-A form is similar to many of the Paganini Caprices and the B section is a bit virtuosic.  It is an elegy in that the overall mood is one of sadness and loss".
listen to audio extract beginning towards the end of the central Caprice section.
see sample score
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